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Los Angeles Travel Agency Affordable Travel

Los Angeles Travel Agency Affordable Travel

Los Angeles Travel Agency, Martini Travel, Combines Premium VIP Travel with Incredible Affordability

fav-icon-144October 10, 2014 – Enjoying a strategic base out of Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles California, the aptly named travel agency, Martini Travel, is very quickly emerging as the ultimate example of how VIP travel and premium travel excellence doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant cost. The agency’s bringing together of the affordability factor with a premium travel experience is impressive by any stretch of the imagination, particularly for a travel agency in Los Angeles as travel agencies in this area are not generally known for their cost-saving efforts.

It is by no mistake that Martini travel is able to offer sustained service excellence at the lowest prices around however, as it has clearly been their mission to save travelers money from the onset. With the often unbelievable rates of their extensive list of travel planning services, it is no wonder why their website (MartiniTravel.com) is very quickly becoming the first and only online stopover among prospective travelers seeking the best there is out there, at a fraction of the regular cost. These services include the likes of vacation booking or planning, flight booking, car rental, concierge assistance and general information on how to further save costs.

A growing trend among travelers seeking to save on their travel expenditure is that of traveling as part of a group, something which is right up Martini Travel’s alley. Group Travel services provided by Martini Travel go much further than simply tallying up the total cost of setting the group on its way, with specialized sample groups that include class and family reunions, business meetings, retreats, conventions, religious groups, non-profit movements and even fundraising groups. Part of their tailored approach to group travel-planning goes back to their extensive ties with all major carriers, with their consistently loyal client base allowing them to negotiate the very best deals to pass on to those clients. This combination of factors is probably what gives Martini Travel the leeway to really go the extra mile for all their clients and keep their rates lower than any other travel agency.

If the current trend is anything to go by, Martini Travel’s growth and popularity will continue to soar and more prospective and regular travelers will continue to discover just how affordable traveling can be, with no compromise on all the desired thrills and spills.


Martini Travel is a Los Angeles, CA based travel agency, committed to the provision of amazing vacation experiences and travel services, at the lowest guaranteed rates. Martini Travel’s online platform (MartiniTravel.com) serves as the ultimate travel planning portal, offering prospective travelers extensive assistance in booking vacations, flights, rental cars, concierge assistance and much more. The Martini Travel online portal’s integrated links to all major carriers affords them the unique opportunity to pass on the subsequent savings to all clients, which is the main reason why they’re able to match any price.

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